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Douglas Fir – (D Fir)

Douglas fir trees shed lower branches as they grows.  This means fewer knots, and long stretches of straight, consistent fibers. Those fibers also give Douglas fir a superior strength to weight ratio and the highest modulus of elasticity of any North American softwood species.  In simpler terms, that means it’s tough and durable. It can handle a heavy load without bending or buckling

Ideal for a wide variety of uses including structural timbers. Choose Douglas Fir products when you want the best in structural lumber and for tight, straight grain.

Known for its distinctive natural attributes, including strength, durability and beauty; golden-orange in color; known for its quality and range of grades and characteristics, including some fiber that is exceptionally straight and fine grained.  Available in Free of Heart Center (FOHC) material, which tends to have a lower level of checking.

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